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 Family Tree The Tongs' generations from Hampshire to Australia and NZ
Including Links and other information.
- If you are connected please let me know.
 WW1 Diaries Great Uncle Allan jotted some notes in an exercise book during WWI
Swing Riots
John Tongs
Ship 'Eliza'
The1830s Captain Swing riots and machine breaking including:
Information and links about Rioters and Machine Breakers.
Are you interested in making contact with others doing research?
John Tongs - a rioter and the first Tongs to come to Australia
The Convicts on the 'Eliza' 1831, please contact me if you have information.
Devonport High School
Were you at Devonport High School in 1962?
Some people who were have recently made contact
Go to this page - it would be great to hear from you.

 National Service
10th Intake National Service - Photos
4 Platoon, A Coy, 2RTB - 4th Intake 1967 Puckapunyal.
Bonegilla Basic Cooks Course 1968

Other Tongs
 Ol' blue eyes in Guernsey! - Paul Tongs
Barry Tonge - not related but a great site!
Mike Tonge - lots and lots of info if you are a Tonge
Allan Tongs - the NZ boat builder
North Motton
Photos of and information about various places and our family's connections.

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